Shapiro Family Dentistry
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State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Our dental office provides the following services:

The Wand

“The Wand”

A syringe-free computerized Novocaine System gives nearly painless injections. By use of a computer sensor pump, the correct flow rate of anesthetic is obtained, resulting in less pressure sensation in oral tissues. You may always request “The Wand” for your comfort for any procedure in our office.

Laser Dentistry

Our soft tissue lasers can perform surgeries in a much more comfortable manner. Canker sores and cold sores can also be treated with this amazing technology.

Digital X-Rays

Advantages of digital  x-ray include:
  • A large image on a computer screen for easy discussion of oral conditions
  • Five second processing (about 10 minutes for a normal  x-ray)
  • Reduced radiation to the patient

Intraoral Cameras

We have several high definition intraoral cameras in our office that can place any tooth or region of your mouth on the television screen for discussion.

Casey DVD Education Programs

Just about every dental health condition and procedure can be described via computer simulation and digital enhancement with these programs.

Quick Braces CT Logo

We are proud to offer our own Quickbraces of CT for those patients who want the smile of their dreams in months instead of years. If you are interested in this new technology, please contact the office to set up an appointment.